Effortless float for blissful sleep!
Float therapy for blissful sleep

Effortless float for blissful sleep!

Effortless float for blissful sleep

How can effortless lead to blissful sleep? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you suffering from restless sleep because of the constant tension and worries chipping away at your sleep time? It’s time to bid adieu to those not so fond moments and say hi to Flotation Therapy – a perfectly safe and natural way to calm your physical and mental state. If you suffer from any of the problems stated below, read on to find out how Flotation can help you get rid of it.

1.Get rid of Insomnia with effortless float for blissful sleep- :

A very real and ever increasing problem among adults especially due to this non-stop rapid paced lifestyle, Insomnia is the root cause of health issues. Our bodies need to be in a completely relaxed state to actually fall asleep naturally. And for those of us who have seemingly lost this ability, there’s good news. Flotation aids in shifting the human brain from Alpha to Theta waves. The ultimate pathway to a transition to Delta waves providing a relaxed REM sleep

2.Reduce high Cortisol-effortless float for blissful sleep

In our world, we’re surprised if we get the rare opportunity to meet someone who is NOT stressed! Especially after the lockdown taking its toll on people of all ages, Cortisol (aka the stress hormone) levels are at an all time high. Our recommended Float session of about 60-90mins is perfect to reduce Cortisol levels. Here’s how! Flotation uses Reduced Environmental Stimuli Therapy (REST) and cuts off extra light, sound and provides a balance of physical and mental awareness. When you’re not disturbed by external stimuli, your body and mind shifts its attention from stress and worries to relaxation by lowering Cortisol levels.

3.Relieve Anxiety with effortless float for blissful sleep

Imagine a happy little bubble where you can drift off to a dream land of your choice. That’s what Flotation is all about. It’s not entirely shutting off your Brain and Body, but rather letting the reigns of anxiety lose and allowing yourself to experience carefree moments. Studies have shown reduced anxiety disorders among regular floaters. There have been enormous improvements in sleep patterns and mood alterations after 12 regular Float sessions, all thanks to reduced anxiety!

4.Pain relief with effortless float with blissful sleep

Flotation therapy is infused with Epsom Salts that creates a state of buoyancy with almost zero gravity. This anti-gravity effect works wonders for you to float effortlessly and for your sore muscles to relax peacefully! (no efforts right?) You may not even realize but poor posture affects most of the adult population thereby causing a dull or heavy ache in the neck, shoulder and back muscles. Flotation is a fun way to soothe the pain and leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for a good night’s sleep.

5.Work Life balance for blissful sleep

The pandemic has left most of us feeling unhealthy, both physically and mentally and with absolutely no me-time or family time. The new normal is definitely not normal for us social beings that also hampers our work-life balance to nil. A Flotation session is bound to help you get your me-time that comes with benefits such as relaxation, peace and serenity. Think of it as unplugging from the daily grind of life and recharging yourself with happiness! Happy you, happy sleep!

Effortless float for blissful sleep

Book yourself a Float session with us and try a unique way to sleep better. You’ll be surprised when you wake up refreshed the next day.



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