Boost your Immunity with Flotation therapy!
Boost your Immunity with Flotation therapy

Boost your Immunity with Flotation therapy!

Boost your Immunity with Flotation therapy!

Mental and physical health is of paramount importance and now more than ever! With the pandemic gripping all of us for more than a year, our bodies have gotten used to not being as active as before. It’s time to boost Immunity as things slowly start opening up and social interaction becomes normal again. Besides maintaining social distancing protocols and regular sanitization, here’s an absolutely amazing way to boost your Immunity – Flotation therapy! The link between Flotation and Immunity is much deeper than you can anticipate. Read on to know more

Mr. M C Flux, a Researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder, studying the mechanisms of the immune system spoke at length about the benefits of floating and its connection with the immune system at the 2018 Float Conference. Here are some excerpts:

Source: Float Conference

REST to reduce Stress:

Stress is a silent killer. Many people are affected by chronic stress and don’t have a realistic solution. Flotation therapy is entirely around the concept of Restricted Environment Stimulated Therapy (REST). The premise is based on cutting off all external stimuli like light, sound, vision in the controlled environment of a sensory deprivation tank. This aids in focusing only on the fiber of your being. All one can hear is the beating rhythm of the heart and letting go of all unwanted thoughts. A 1983 study on REST-assisted relaxation on plasma Cortisol explains just that.

Nervous System:

Effortless Floating tends to draw one away from the typical ‘fight or flight’ activity of the brain to a more relaxed ‘rest and digest’ state. This is extremely crucial for the body as it receives the green signal from the brain to enter into a state of relaxation when it comes to the nervous System. Since most of us lack this ability in today’s fast paced society, Flotation can be viewed as putting a stopper to nervousness and holding the key to relax. When we’re constantly stressed, there is no way our Immunity is bound to reach its maximum potential.

Source: Tech Insider

Epsom Salts:

A recent study on ‘Magnesium and Vitamin D Deficiency as a Potential Cause of Immune Dysfunction, Cytokine Storm and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation in covid-19 patients’ found that Magnesium deficiency increases endothelial cell susceptibility to oxidative stress, promotes endothelial dysfunction, reduces fibrinolysis and increases coagulation. Furthermore, magnesium deficient animals and humans have depressed immune responses. Magnesium deficiency leads to numerous problems but here’s an interesting solution to make up for it. Flotation is essentially floating in oodles of Epsom Salts with a high Magnesium content. The human body absorbs the required intake and in turn strengthens the immune system.

We can talk about the benefits of Flotation therapy for hours together. Book yourself a Float session at Shalom Float and Wellness Centre and see for yourself the way a single Float session can change the way you feel! Most importantly, prep your body and mind at par with today’s Immunity requirements!

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