Floatation, simply put is floating in salt water in a specially designed Float Tank. Floatation is a luxurious process of enabling our body to relax. By soothing and healing it free from stress and give it the treatment it truly deserves. Imagine our body free from the hold of gravity or floating in outer space. Without becoming an astronaut we won’t know the feeling. And this is where floatation comes in. Additionally its a unique, fun and carefree method to maximize your brain’s potential. Also healing our body from this world’s constant external stimulation. Allow yourself to float away and ESCAPE from all those worries through floatation therapy!


Floatation therapy is done in a float tank or a pod which is about 8 ft long and contains 11 inches of water. It is maintained at the human body temperature of 93 degrees F or 36 degrees C. The consistency of which is 65% water and 35% Epsom salt. A float session typically lasts for about 60-90 mins.


One has to simply lie down in the pod and effortlessly start floating. The float tank is placed in a room devoid of sound and light which enhances the floatation experience. This practice is commonly called as ‘Sensory Deprivation. The inception of which began as a test to enhance the nervous system. By depriving the body of any external stimulation. So once the floatation begins, the body adjusts in sync with the water. Consequently entering into a rhythm with zero gravity.


The spine elongates and one can feel every part of the body heightened to awareness followed by relaxation. The only sound one can hear is the constant beating of the heart. Normally the brain uses up about 90% of its energy to sense gravity. This results in our balance without falling over. We are shielded from all sorts of external stimulation whereby brain is free of these complex computations.This results in conserving 90% of its energy helping in reducing the normal workload. Now brain enters a 100% state of relaxation allowing the it to tend to other important matters. The effects of this continue even after hours and days of the float session.


The body at this stage is floating and completely relaxing. For some it’s like watching a movie wherein one just forgets the problems of life for those few hours. For many of us, it’s the perfect time to think and boost our creativity. Another effect of floatation is the correction of magnesium deficiency. Epsom salt contains magnesium which is absorbed by our skin through a process called ‘natural molecular diffusion’. It has phenomenal beneficial effects on the skin and hair. More importantly epsom salts contain medicinal properties that provides just the right momentum to let go of those tense muscles and relax every single muscle in your neck, back, arms and even ears. Most importantly, floatation enhances the circulation of blood and also relieves various problems such as chronic back pain and migraines, stress and anxiety, insomnia, jet lag amongst others.


Floatation therapy is the norm for relaxation meditation and rejuvenation in the western world. In countries like US UK Australia and Europe etc its just like massage in India. It is considered at par or better than massage combined with meditation. Its an excellent way to turn down the consumption of daily worries. It enhances our general well-being with·

 improved sleep·        

improved left/right brain synchronisation       

 increased motivation·

freedom from habits

phobias and addictions       

improved blood circulation and breathing patterns·       

 boosted immune functions      

heightened visualisation and awareness·        

improved athletic performance·        

improved posture·        

speed healing process

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Our celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Wayne Rooney, Joe Rogan, Lisa Simpson making use of floatation therapy as the ultimate way to relax themselves and enhance their lives. Two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry uses floatation Therapy every two weeks for improving his athletic performance! At the end, come to experience this unique relaxation therapy that has even got such celebrities swooning!

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