How Far Infra red sauna therapy with alkaline water be beneficial to YOU?

Most of us know how good it feels to be out in the sun. It is very delightful to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin.The bright light often lifts our mood. We are motivated to accomplish tasks at hand when the sun is shining.
Sunlight contains two types of light. The light you can see is the visible light. When you see a rainbow, you are looking at the seven colors which make up visible light. The invisible light is made up of infrared and ultraviolet rays

What are Infra red rays?

Infrared rays naturally come from the sun and they are the healthiest and the most comforting. They have the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin. Because of this ability, they dissolve toxins and other harmful substances that have accumulated in the fatty layer just under the skin, where the circulation picks them up and whisks them away to the kidneys and large intestine to be eliminated. For that to happen efficiently, you need water and lots of it.

We all know that sunlight and rain are what gives life to our planet. Both of these are vital to life and they energize everything that grows here. It is the infrared rays that vitalize cells and energize metabolism whether it is plants, animals or people. It’s the water that dilutes toxins and floats them away to be eliminated.

What are Far Infra red rays created in a sauna?

Modern science has created the far infrared sauna which causes the far infrared waves to penetrate deeply but safely into our bodies. This creates a deep heating action which causes the body to sweat. This sweating action floats toxins to the surface of the skin where they can be washed off.The infrared rays from the sauna also loosen toxins deep in our tissues, where they tend to be stored in fatty cells, protecting our organs from their poisons. When the body stores toxins, it does it for two reasons: one, toxins are extremely acidic and can do serious damage to our organs, and two, toxins are poisonous to us.The body is approximately 70 percent water when it is in a properly hydrated state. Unfortunately, most people are chronically dehydrated. Because of this chronic dehydration and acidic diet and lifestyle, toxins accumulate in the body and it becomes more and more acid. Our jobs can be toxic too, especially if they are highly stressful or if you work with chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. New scientific research and information shows that acidosis is the cause of aches and pains, serious and chronic illness, in addition to obesity and weight gain. Bacteria and viruses cannot live in an alkaline, hydrated body, nor can serious illness, chronic conditions or fat bodies. The fastest way to get healthy and stay healthy is to balance your pH by drinking alkaline, ionized water. Eating an alkaline diet alone would take you many months to create an alkaline terrain.

How does alkaline water aid in better detoxification combined with FIR sauna?

When the body is hydrated properly with alkaline, ionized water and infrared waves penetrate the skin, the internal water begins to vibrate. Because the internal water tends to be acidic and toxic when you first start out, we want to bring it closer to neutral. The two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule that make up H2O vibrate. This vibration causes the acidic bonds to break down so that the toxic acids from all the H+ free radicals can be shunted into the blood stream to be eliminated. But, the body needs adequate water to accomplish this. If the water is alkaline and ionized, it supports the faster and more efficient release of these toxic acids. The remarkable thing is that the body will require less and less fat to store toxins in, so your fat stores will shrink, causing you to lose weight naturally.

What a concept!

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The alkaline, ionized water that you drink is full of OH- and negative ions, as indicated by the symbol OH-. It supports greater oxygenation and negative ions which the body needs to thrive. The negative ions are also created in water naturally by tumbling down creek beds and rivers in the sunlight. It absorbs the infrared rays from the sun, filling the water with negative ions. The rocks and soils that the water courses over remineralize it so that it becomes more alkaline. Unfortunately at this time in our history, there is not too much clean, alkaline, ionized water available for the average person. That is why a machine, hooked up to your kitchen faucet is the best source for people.
The two life giving elements sunlight and rain, far infrared saunas and alkaline, ionized water, are the two most beneficial things that you can do to optimize your health well into your senior years. With this lifestyle change, you can be healthy until you take your last breath.

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