Float to improve sports performance!

Float to improve sports performance!

Float to improve sports performance!

Float to improve sports performance.With the Olympics fever gripping all of us, we’re reminded of the athletes’ intense training, dedication and are often wondering what is it that they do differently? This may come as a surprise to some but Flotation is one of the topmost and well guarded secrets in the dreamy world of athletes and sports players! Yes! And we’re here to tell you that we hold the key of this secret weapon to unleash your maximum performance. Here’s how:

  1. Flotation therapy is used by world renowned sports players to improve sports performance:
Float to improve sports performance

These icons need no introduction in the world of sports and are absolutely hooked to regular Flotation. Wayne Rooney, Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis and Lennox Lewis to name a few, praise Flotation therapy and are committed to exploring its maximum benefits. Even entire teams like the Chicago Black Hawks, Seattle Seahawks and the New Zealand All Blacks do regular Float sessions for their performance. Some of them even own sensory deprivation tanks at home!

2. Increased performance and muscle recovery to improve sports performance:

Does it seem like you’ve hit a plateau in your sports journey and are not able to increase the value of your performance? It might have something to do with no proper relaxation. Our Float pods are designed to help you with that problem not just physically, but mentally too. Flotation pods loaded with Epsom salts and Magnesium, deprives the human body of all external stimuli and allows complete relaxation of muscles in the neck, shoulder, back and hamstrings. That’s not all, the Float pod is an ideal place to visualize all your goals and techniques to up your game. With these in proper order, your form will be top-notch and your performance will improve!

3. Reduction in lactic acid:

A common problem for anyone accustomed to the fitness/sports world is the accumulation of lactic acid. This build-up can cause numerous problems if one does not get adequate rest in between training. Here is where high performing athletes do something totally different. They float. Flotation helps in muscle recovery, relieving soreness and provides the much needed rest thereby reducing the lactic acid build-up.

Float therapy can take your performance one notch up

4. Improves concentration and accuracy to improve sports performance:

A couple of years ago in an interview with Tech Insider, Stephen Curry spoke about his love for Flotation saying ‘It’s one of the only places where you can really get unplugged from all the noise and distractions that goes on with daily life.’ Flotation is the go-to place to slow down our hectic lives and focus on relaxing which in turn helps in boosting concentration and accuracy when it’s required on the field.

5. A meditation ritual:

Most of these well known athletes have attributed Float sessions as the ultimate meditation ritual. With no one around to disturb, just you and your rhythmic heartbeat, our Float pods provide a seamless meditation opportunity to experience an inner peace. Completely soundproof and devoid of any source of light, the deep state of relaxation is just the perfect sesh that your body and mind will love and thank you for!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring sports person or an athlete or none of the above. Even if you’re a complete beginner in sports, or you run or jog for fun or if you’re the kind of person who loves to hit the gym and never miss a workout, our Float pods are designed for you. Your muscles need love and your mental health needs some good nourishment too. Book one of our flotation sessions at the earliest for an experience like never before!

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Float therapy for mental strength in athletes

Float to improve sports performance.


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