Float Therapy and Covid19- Immunity

Float Therapy and Covid19- Immunity

Float therapy and Covid 19-Immunity

Natural immunity booster

Boost your immunity naturally.Float therapy is a immunity booster.One float session can give the much needed immunity to Covid 19 virus.Natural immunity can be boosted with absorption of magnesium. It is a relaxant to reduce stress and anxiety.

Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19 as more popularly known by all is cause for serious concerns.Both in terms of tackling it and preventing its spread in the society is challenging.

We as a responsible float centre would like to assure that we are taking these concerns seriously.Consequently we are implementing additional appropriate measures to continue our business operations unhindered.

Information Regarding COVID-19 & Recreational Waters:
The CDC has released the following information regarding recreational waters that you can find at

“There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”
The Floatation Tank Association has also released a statement on their Facebook page on March 11, 2020 from Dr. Roy Vore, a Microbial Physiologist specializing in the management of recreational waters:
“The virus, SARS-CoV2, is spread in droplets produced by coughing and sneezing that inhaled by someone within 6 feet. It may be spread by touching droplets that fall on surfaces and then that person touches their faces. It is not spread in water, such as float water.”

Why float therapy in these times?

Floatation Therapy is an effective method to detox, destress, release tension, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, increase circulation and boost immunity. We are committed to keeping our environment safe and sanitary so floating can continue to be a stress buster. Further it will build immunity for our members to naturally fight this disease. We appreciate your support during this crisis and encourage you to take care of yourselves and floating continues to be a safe option.

  1. Should you worry from contracting any virus or disease from float tank water? The short answer is No. The float tanks themselves are incredibly safe as always, and likely one of the cleanest environments you’ll ever find.  Aside from the 1000lbs of Epsom salt dissolved in each tank, our filtration systems utilize an injection of Ozone & medical-grade H2O2.Besides we use UV to sanitize and disinfect the water between every float session.

How is the facility sanitation stepped up? All human touched surfaces from door handles ,equipments, bathroom consumables are sanitised.We use paper cups for tea and water which are biodegradable single use. Staff needs to keep their hands sanitised with every turn around.

FEW SUGGESTIONS TO TACKLE COVID 19 AS PREVENTIVE MEASURE -Stay home when sick.Practice excellent personal hygiene habits.Include washing your hands with soap and water frequently.Coughing into a tissue or your elbow and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.Stay away from people who are ill, especially if you are at higher risk for corona virus.Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects (like doorknobs and light switches). Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth unless you’ve just washed your hands.Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy foods.manage your stress to keep your immunity strong (note: that’s where we can help!).Stay informed. Information is changing frequently. Check with public health authorities with updates regarding new developments with regard to this disease.

Float therapy and Covid19 -Immunity


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