Float your Fat away for weight loss
Float therapy to aid weight loss

Float your Fat away for weight loss

Float your fat away for weight loss

Weight Loss. These two simple words have the ultimate power to dictate lives.They certainly find their way to consume thoughts causing anxiety and stress. Whether its watching umpteen number of videos on ‘How to lose weight in 10 days’ or trying yet another FAD diet, we’ve all been there, done that. What if we told you that Floatation Therapy aids in shedding all those extra kilos off your body? Here we list down top 5 reasons why you must consider Floating, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

Source of Magnesium

Floatation therapy is essentially floating in a Float Tank/Sensory Deprivation Tank containing 1/3rd portion Epsom Salt that is loaded with nutrient rich magnesium. Did you know mMagnesium intake is a key step towards weight loss and body shaping? It helps in boosting metabolism and energy production while also reducing stress. Regular floating is a guaranteed method for your magnesium intake with no worry about portion size! All you need to do is float in our pods full of rich Epsom Salts and the magic of agnesium will unlock your weight loss journey.

Increased Physical Awareness

Once you allow yourself to float, the awareness of your physical being is unparalleled and an experience like never before. As you float, you can listen to the rhythm of your own beating heart. When the Epsom salts do their work, you tend to become aware of any soreness in your feet, back, neck or anywhere else that may require special care. With regular float sessions, you can treat it one step at a time.

Mental Clarity

As you get attuned to floating, your heightened physical awareness will pave the way for a clear mind. Floating is a powerful tool that provides much needed clarity that we don’t really get in this fast paced world. You deserve some alone time for your own well being and with our sound proofed pods, you get just that.


You’ve removed the clutter from your mind, you’re relaxed and totally at peace in your floating state. Now picture this. You’ve overcome hurdles and have finally reached your fitness goal. There’s a dreamy glow to your skin and you have set healthy habits for life. Floating gives you the space to visualize these dreams so you can turn them into reality.


Our imagination is vivid, we must put it to practice too. Set realistic goals to achieve weight loss through a healthy lifestyle. The silence when you float helps you set those goals for yourself with no one around to disturb you. Relax away and plan your way!

Float your Fat away for weight loss

While floating isn’t a one-time solution to weight loss, there is immense potential in regular floatation therapy. Your fitness journey is your own experience, so make it memorable. Book one of our fun and relaxing sessions to support your weight loss!


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